The difference between reading glasses and computer glasses

The difference between reading glasses and computer glasses

17 Feb 2022

Many people wonder if reading glasses and computer glasses fall under the same category. Especially since computer glasses and reading glasses look very similar. To help you decide which type of glasses is the best for your case, we will lay out the differences between reading glasses and computer glasses and explain how to choose the right type for your case.

Reading glasses

Reading glasses are used by people who suffer from presbyopia, which is a natural age-related loss of the ability to focus on up-close objects, such as words when reading from a book or a smartphone.

As you may already know, reading glasses can be purchased without a prescription, the lens power in these glasses typically ranges from 1 to 4, you will find a plus sign (+) on them. However, we recommend using a guide chart when choosing your reading glasses.

If you suffer from serious eye disorders such as astigmatism or myopia, we think it’s better to have prescription reading glasses, which are usually worn for long periods. Once you use the right reading glasses for your case, you would be able to see close objects and read from your favorite book again without any problems.

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Computer glasses

When using a computer, smartphone, TV, or tablet. Your retinas may get damaged from the blue light, that’s why it’s important to wear computer glasses to protect your eyes.

It’s important to know that blue light harm to your eyes is cumulative, meaning it’s may cause future vision problems when spending a lot of time on blue screens. Computer lens can be added to any type of glasses you are currently using, it can also be used only when using a computer.

Just add your prescription to our website and choose blue light protection lenses when ordering any frames, and enjoy full-time protection for your eyes.

How to choose between reading glasses and computer glasses?

In conclusion, if you are over 40 years old, and spend a lot of time in front of screens, you may have your reading glasses equipped with a blue light coating. However, it’s possible to get computer glasses only to filter the harmful blue light or get reading glasses to help you read books and text massages better if you have presbyopia.


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