Autumn eyeglasses trends for 2022

Autumn eyeglasses trends for 2022

20 Dec 2022

Your eyewear should adapt to the changing of the seasons. The most popular frame designs and lens categories are always changing. In light of this, you might be curious about the hottest trends for fall 2022. We have excellent suggestions for the greatest autumn eyewear, whether you're looking for glasses or sunglasses.

What kinds of eyewear are ideal for autumn?

2022 will see a lot of bigger, bolder shapes in eyeglasses. This year, cat eyes, wayfarers, and large, and round frames are unquestionably fashionable. There is no reason to think that these trends won't continue into the fall.

You can always experiment with the color of your frames. Red, purple, or blue is excellent choices that will go well with your fall wardrobe. If you want to be sure of winning, black, silver, and gold will always be in style. There are several options, but which one is best for you? Here are some of our most popular, trendy looks.

Oversized glasses for fall

This year, with the return of large frames, bigger is absolutely better. With these big, bold frames, you can't go wrong, whether you choose a butterfly, geometric, or spherical design.

Fall Cat Eye Glasses

This classy, feminine is back. At the same time, cat-eye glasses appear classic and retro. Pick a square or rectangular frame if you have a round face. On the other hand, oval forms fit your face better if it is more angular.

Fall Wayfarer Glasses

Wayfarers are another traditional design in a more masculine tone that always presents a striking appearance. But don't let that old gender marking mislead you. Both men and women can wear these glasses.

Autumnal Round & Rectangle Glasses

People adore the vintage, sleek style of round frames. Will rectangular spectacles ever truly go out of style, though? Zero chance! Let your heart be your guide when choosing round and rectangle eyeglasses because these two designs will also fit practically any face shape.


These are the kind of eyeglasses that are popular this fall. What are you waiting for now that you are aware of the trends for this year? For even more bestselling styles, look through our extensive assortment of eyewear.

With these fantastic styles and more from Eyetician, get ready for autumn! This fall, whether you're shopping for glasses or sunglasses, we have a wide range of on-trend designs. All year long, Eyetician offers a huge selection of frames.