How To Order

How To Order from Eyetician?

02 May 2021

Eyetician is helping Canadians see better with stylish and affordable glasses available online.

We offer one of the largest selections of prescription and sunglasses frames in Canada. We carry the looks you love from classic cat-eye to statement-making wayfarer frames.

Choosing the right pair of glasses is easy, with our simple-to-use online try-on software that lets you try before you buy. Try on as many pairs of frames as you like so you can be sure you find the style that suits your unique look and personality.

So how do you order a pair of frames from Eyetician?

It’s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Step One: Choose a frame you like from our online eyewear shop.

Most of our frames come in a variety of fun colours and comfortable sizes. Our frames offer flexibility with spring hinges that let you enjoy a full range of movement and ease of -fit. Our frames are also 100% Anti-bacterial, 100% anti-allergic making them ideal for any situation including work, play, and on the go.


Step Two: Add Lenses to your frame.

Now that you have chosen the perfect frame, it’s time to find the right lenses to help you see better. Eyetician offers a unique selection of lens technology options designed to fit right the first time so you can enjoy your new pair of glasses with quick adaptability. Include these 4 important pieces of information.

  • Your Prescription - this includes your Rx, Add, and PD measurement
  • The type of lens you need (if required). This lets us provide you with a lens that is customized designed to your unique vision needs (Distance, Reading, Multifocal)
  • The kind of lens protection you need. Do you want extra protection in different lighting conditions? Then we recommend Transitions lenses. Transitions offer anti-glare protection indoors and outdoors. They are available in two stunning shades so you can add your style to your look.
  • Coatings - lens coatings provide additional protection against the sun, scratches, and smudges. We offer a great selection of lens coating options that suit your lifestyle needs.

Step Three: Check out.

We are pleased you choose Eyetician for your eyewear needs. We are proud to offer exceptional lens technology and beautiful frame designs that make wearing glasses fun and affordable. While at the checkout, make sure to review your order to ensure no details have been missed. Don’t forget to apply the coupon code. Sign up for our newsletter to receive 10% off your first order or check out our social media for other great sales and discount codes.

Now that you have ordered your new pair of glasses from Eyetician, we will get right to work carefully crafting your eyewear. You will receive a verification email indicating that we have received your order and packed with additional information and savings that you can apply to a future order with us, so you can always enjoy buying a new pair of glasses with Eyetician.

We invite you to take some time to browse our website some more while you wait for your glasses to be delivered. We are always adding new styles and have a great selection of sunglasses that make playing outside even more fun.

Remember it’s important to have the right pair of glasses for your unique vision needs. Check out some of our lens technology including Blue Light lenses that help reduce eye strain while looking at digital devices. Glasses with Blue Light technology make an excellent first or second pair so you can always experience comfort no matter what task you are doing.


If you have any questions about your order, contact our helpful customer service team by calling (604) 562-0202 or email