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How to Know If your Child’s Glasses Fit Well?

31 Mar 2022

Many parents wonder how to know if their children's eyeglasses fit well, especially, when their child got their first pair of eyeglasses. You should know that fitting children’s eyeglasses go far beyond the size of the lenses. So, we will help you through this guide to choose the perfect fit eyeglasses for your beloved child.

What to keep in mind when buying your child their first pair of eyeglasses?

  • Frames: The frames of the new eyeglasses should be about the same size as your child’s face, they shouldn’t touch the skin. In other words, the frames should not extend too far beyond the widest part of your child’s face, which is usually the cheeks.
  • Bridge: The bridge of eyeglasses connects the two lenses, it can be plastic or with a nose pad. So, if your child’s eyeglasses fit at the bridge area, they won’t slip down their nose all the time. Plastic frames usually have little to no space above the bridge. While frames with adjustable nose pads are the best to ensure the perfect bridge fit.
  • Eye Position: The centre of each lens should be behind your child's eyes. In addition to that, the space between the corner of the eyes and the end of each lens should be identical, especially around the eye.
  • Temples: Also known as the arms, they connect the lens with the ears, when choosing your child's eyeglasses, keep in mind that the temples should extend straight to the ear, without any bowing. This is simply because bowing temples indicate that your child needs larger frames. However, too-long temples that go beyond your child's ears mean that he/she needs smaller frames.

More information about fitting children's glasses

When it comes to the more comfortable and fitting glasses to your child’s face, we recommend trying on many samples. You can order more than one frame from Eyetician and make your child try to determine which frame fits him/her the most. We also recommend looking at the inside of the eyeglasses to check the measurements for the bridge, lenses, and temples, or you can simply see these measurements for each pair of glasses on our website.

As you already know, if your child’s eyeglasses are too narrow and tight, they may cause some tension or pain around your child's ears. In addition to that, wearing tight frames can also make the temples push into the skin, resulting in some dark red marks on your child's skin.

Don’t ever buy bigger glasses that may move out of place, thinking that they may fit your child in the future, instead, look for frames that suit them now.

So, what are the perfect eyeglasses for your child?

  • Choose frames that don’t touch your child’s skin.
  • There shouldn’t be a space between the bridge and eyeglasses.
  • Your child's eyes should be placed in the middle of each lens.
  • Don’t keep the temples of the eyeglasses bowing, they should be straight.

In the end, it is important to remember that proper fitting eyeglasses are the glasses that function well, you can ask your child whether they fill comfortable in this eyewear, and of course, reading the previous guide is the first step to help your child feel happy with the new eyeglasses.