Glasses gifts for holiday seasons

Glasses gifts for holiday seasons

19 Dec 2021

It is almost the new year! We all look for the right gift during this holiday season for our beloved ones. You can make your gift special by choosing new glasses for them.

We have a wide collection of sunglasses and prescription glasses to choose from, that suit your taste, face, style, and budget.

Our glasses are 100% anti-bacterial and 100% anti-allergic, Turkish made with Swiss material, they come in different shapes and designs like round lenses, wide lenses, transition lenses, and polarized lenses. You can also choose frames without any lenses based on your preferences, and add lenses later.

Trending glasses designs for Men and Women

When choosing a gift, consider the trends, you want your favourite person to wear the glasses you choose proudly, consider the following:

  • Cat Eyeglasses became popular for the first time in the 1950s, they were popular among women, we have seen Marilyn Monroe and many other classic celebrities with these glasses. Now, they come back with feminine and masculine designs, we have seen them in celebrities' Instagram pictures becoming popular again. You can check Cat Eyeglasses on our website.
  • Clear frame glasses remain one of the most popular glasses trends right now. White and clear plastic frames have captured the imagination of fashion designers all over the world, we have seen white shoes and transparent bags, but it was the clear frame of glasses that stayed the biggest trend for men and women. You can see many clear frames options when choosing Clear from Color filter on our website.
  • Round frames are still popular until now, as you know, they suit people who have square or rectangular face shape, you can wear them with many outfits, like business smart or even hipster style. Search for fashionable round frames on our website.
  • Square lenses are timeless, you can use oversized and thick frames, they look cool and fashionable without any effort, you can wear them with T-shirt, high-waisted denim, or even a leather jacket. Choose between a wide collection of square glasses from our website.
  • Aviator sunglasses were popular for a long time all over the world, but now, they have returned for prescription glasses, they are for men and women, and come in metal or colorful frames, and consider the best choice to complete your facial features. Different styles of aviator glasses are available on our website.

Are you worried about choosing the right glasses?

If you are worried about the style of the eyeglasses, or not sure about what’s fit your loved people. You can order our frames and eyeglasses, and we will deliver them to your home address. You can try them within 30 days and send them back if you want to exchange them for something else. And remember that we offer free shipping to Canada & the USA for all orders over 100 dollars.