Different types of eyeglasses that improve your vision

Different types of eyeglasses that improve your vision

30 Dec 2021

When your vision is blurry or suffering from certain vision problems like myopia. Wearing eyeglasses can solve the problem and help you see clearly again. Of course, you need to exam your eyes first by an ophthalmologist who will decide the right type of lenses for your vision problem.

How do eyeglasses improve your vision?

Whether you have a problem seeing clearly at close or far distances, eyeglasses will help you. They make your vision clearer and sharper when you look at objects at any distance.

You should know that many vision issues are related to the light focusing on the retina, which is located in the back of the eye. The eye’s lens job is to send light to the retina, this light will be converted into signals that go to the brain, creating the images we see. Eyeglasses can help make light focus on the retina.

Which vision problems can be solved using eyeglasses?

The most common vision problems are:

  • Myopia: Which makes you not able to see far objects clearly.
  • Hyperopia: Close objects look blurry.
  • Astigmatism: It’s a problem with the shape of the cornea causing blurry vision.
  • Presbyopia: Losing the ability to focus on nearby objects, which usually happens with ageing.

Which type of eyeglasses do you need?

You need to be examined by an ophthalmologist to figure out what is the best lens for your case, however, we can say that a concave lens can solve myopia, while a convex lens is chosen for hyperopia problem, if you are suffering from astigmatism, the doctor will describe cylinder-shaped lens, and Multifocal lenses are the perfect solution for presbyopia.

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What are reading glasses?

Reading glasses are often used by people with presbyopia, since they can’t see close objects clearly, they would have trouble with seeing the words and reading. You can get reading glasses from our website, we have a wide collection, including Logan square glasses, they are flexible, wide framed glasses perfect for fashionistas who love a vintage look, in addition to Cavell round frame that offers easy wearability with colors and styling, they are also easily adapted to sunglasses lenses with clip-on technology.

Connect with your doctor for a prescription, since there may be a different level of presbyopia in the right and the left eye, that’s why it is safer to consult your doctor before connecting with us. Remember that we come to your house with dozens of glasses, so you can choose freely and safely.

What are computer glasses?

We create Multifocal lenses, especially for people who spend a lot of time focusing on their computer screens or mobiles, so, if your work requires long hours of seating in front of a computer screen contact us to choose a fashionable glass that will also help you avoid eyestrain.

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How often should you change your eyeglasses?

We can say that your eyeglass prescription is good for a year, some people may wear the same lenses for many years if the doctor didn’t find much change in their vision, however, we advise you to visit an ophthalmologist at least once a year, although, you may need a new prescription sooner if you:

  • Have increasing nearsightedness in your teen years.
  • Have presbyopia in midlife.
  • Develop cataracts.
  • Have surgery.
  • Develop diabetes.

Eyeglasses will help you see what life has to offer, if you are suffering from distorted or blurred vision, or having problems seeing far or close objects, we encourage you to talk to your healthcare provider. A simple eye exam and affordable eyeglass from our website will help you see clearly and save your eye health in the long term.