What’s Causing Your Dry Eyes?

Choosing a frame that suits you and your lifestyle

11 Mar 2021

Our sole objective is your satisfaction.

Through our website’s inquiries, we know from extensive past experience that many of our customers wonder at the outset what sort of frame to choose. That’s because, in terms of frames and eyeglasses, Vancouver’s Eyetician offers a stunning variety to select from.

At Eyetician you can find a wide range of eyeglasses for men, eyeglasses for women, eyeglasses for teens and children.


The most important thing by far is to ensure that your frame is a good fit. There’s little point in having a frame that you think is fine stylistically but which you’re uncomfortable in or which doesn’t sit easily on your features. There is a sizing system on our website you might find useful to use.

Style of frame

There are many styles to choose from. Some may be relatively substantial in appearance, others almost invisible. There is also a vast range of colors and materials to consider. The shape of the lens frame itself can also vary significantly.

The style depends initially on your preferences and target self-image. If you’re going for the learned professor look you might choose one style. If your objective is to look younger and carefree, you might choose something entirely different.

However, it’s always a good idea to run your concept, in principle at least, past some trusted friends and family members. That’s because whilst “the look” is very much a personal and therefore subjective thing, it’s a fact of life that we don’t always see ourselves the same way others do.

So, while you should be and are totally free to select any style/look you wish, a bit of unbiased advice can prove very useful in validating your ideas or perhaps causing you to moderate them a little.

Your facial and cranial features

The basic shape, size, and proportionality of your head and face should also play a large part in your selection of a frame.

Every single human being is unique and broadly speaking, some styles and sizes of frames are likely to look better on some people than others.

The ultimate expression of this is the typical (though not universal) distinction between frames for men and women. Many types of frames designed for men are larger, heavier in style, and sometimes a different shape, to those designed for women – and vice-versa of course.

This applies across a number of frame parameters. Some frames might look totally ‘lost’ on certain faces/heads whilst others would look far too heavy and cumbersome on somebody else.

We can offer advice on facial/cranial sizes and features in terms of frame selection.

Color /skin tones

Choosing a color for your frame that doesn’t match your skin tone can also lead to unsatisfactory results.

Some people have several pairs of different frames to match varying outfits and social uses. That’s fine but even allowing for makeup, you can’t easily change your basic skin tones.

So, it’s important to get a good match there too.


The vast majority of glasses frames today are made of one form or another of plastic.

However, there are many different options available including various forms of metal. It’s even possible to have frames made of precious metals such as gold or silver!

Not all materials look equally suitable on all face types though. You can also get very different types of synthetics (normally all called, even if sometimes incorrectly, “plastic”). Some of those might look too dense or conversely too insubstantial for your face.


It’s also worth keeping in mind that much as we all plan to take care of our spectacles, accidents happen.

Inevitably, some types and styles of frames are likely to be more robust and therefore more able to stand up to shocks, than others. That means the type of frame you might select if you’re working in an industrial setting, might be very different to that you’d opt for in light office work.


Most aspects of lens selection will be driven by your needs as assessed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. With the frame though, you’re free to select as you choose.

Getting a good match may require a little thought but we at Eyetician are here to help through our website.