Are Blue-Light Protection Glasses Worth It?

Are Blue-Light Protection Glasses Worth It?

31 Mar 2022

Whether you are working on your computer, or just soaking up some sunshine; you are due to be exposed to blue light. Some people believe it is not harmful, but in reality, blue light is very close to UV light on the visible light spectrum, meaning it can have a significant impact on your eyes. So, are blue light eyeglasses actually worth it? And what is the real effect of blue light on your eye health? Let’s discuss what our expert optical team has to say.

Blue light

Sunlight contains different types of colored lights such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet lights. Each of them has a specific wavelength and energy level, and if we combined the spectrum of colored light rays; we will get sunlight or white light.

So, blue light is only one type of spectrum of colored light rays. The danger of blue light is that it has a short wavelength, but a high energy level. Keep in mind that this blue light can be emitted from different sources. Of course, the biggest source is the sun, but there are human-made sources which we get our exposure from. Especially, in the last years, after the widespread of digital screens including computers and smartphones.

The big threat of blue light does not come from the sun, it is actually coming from spending too much time in front of our digital screens and smart devices. The damaging effect usually takes a long time to appear, and it’s permanently on your eye health.

The effect of blue light on the eyes

As mentioned above, a shorter wavelength of blue light makes it easier to penetrate your eyes. In other words, these blue light rays will reach your retina, which is in the back of your eye, passing through your cornea and lens.

The research found that there is a possibility of permanent damage to light-sensitive cells located in the retina after too much exposure to blue light. However, the blue light-emitting digital screens are usually lower than the natural sunlight. So, you need more time for any potential damage from the digital screens.

Blue light Protection glasses

Blue light protection glasses or blue light blocking glasses are normal eyeglasses that contain special lenses to block or reduce the amount of blue light passing through your eyes and damaging them. They usually come with unnoticed yellow tine that works on counterbalancing the blue light rays.

Are Blue-Light Protection Glasses Worth It?

Wearing blue-light protection glasses can decrease the symptoms of digitalis eyestrain, which is the fatigue of the eye lens after spending too much time concentrating on a digital screen. This can happen to students, office workers, or anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen. Doctors usually suggest taking five minutes to break after 20 minutes of using a digital device.

As you may already know, exposure to blue light affects your sleep pattern, the more you are exposed to blue light, the more you will have sleep troubles. It is also affecting your production the next day. This is why doctors recommend taking a break from the use of digital screens or wearing blue light eyeglasses before going to sleep.


In conclusion, wearing blue light eyeglasses is actually worth it. Especially, if you feel a headache or experience eye strain after spending much time on digital screens. Blue light glasses are designed to alleviate your discomfort, preventing many eye health problems in the future.