Acetate vs Plastic Glasses

Acetate vs Plastic Glasses

13 Jan 2022

Shopping for a new pair of glasses or sunglasses can be overwhelming sometimes. Especially, with the variety of choices, regarding brands, prices, shape, and even material, there are infinite options for glasses.

However, there is one common question we always hear about the frame’s material. More specifically, it is about acetate vs plastic glasses, so what is the difference between these two frames materials?

You should know that acetate is a renewable plant-based material, they are often made from wood pulp or cotton and shaped like sheets, they have many colors and patterns. We know that the regular plastic frames are made from nylon pellets, which are melted and injected into created from steel or aluminum.

Pros and Cons of Acetate glasses

As we mentioned, Acetate frames are made from organic material, they are comfortable, lightweight, have full-depth colors, and are hypoallergenic. However, they are not recommended for sports activities, and they also cost more than plastic glasses.

The difference between Acetate and Plastic Glasses

When you look at these two materials, you can’t tell any difference, they look very identical. However, plastic frames are usually easier in production and they cost less than acetate. They used to add color to the plastic frames through painting, which usually lead to scratching the paint over time. However, today, colored plastic frames are made from pellets colors, achieving the same results as Acetate frames.

So, Are Acetate Frames Better Than Plastic?

Plastic eyewear is usually considered lower quality than acetate frames, they are more brittle, difficult to adjust, and the color options are limited. Acetate frames can be the perfect choice for you if you have sensitive skin or if you are planning on wearing your glasses all day.

But are all Acetate Glasses the same?

Acetate material was developed for the first time in 1865, but in the 1940s, acetate entered the eyewear factory and acetate factories started opening all worldwide. Generally speaking, Italy and Japan are considered the best when it comes to acetate frames, but all acetate frames are durable which means they don’t get affected by time.

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