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Thank you for visiting our store. We are an online retail store specializing in eyeglasses, lenses, and related products in the industry. Our team of engineers designed the website to offer a convenient and secure set of services to our clients throughout the day.

We provide a wide array of contact lenses, glasses, eyeglasses, prescription glasses, and other related products to our customers. We also do our best to help customers make well-informed decisions.

We aim to offer a unique customer experience to all our customers, and this is why we are providing general terms and conditions to offer you an enhanced customer journey. We expect you to follow and obey the following terms and rules for using our website:

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  • You will provide a valid prescription including your PD measurements before consulting our professionals for eyeglasses.
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  • You will give us ample time to deliver your products to your home. The delivery time will not exceed 30 days, depending on the conditions of the delivery.
  • You will be able to cancel your order within seven days of confirmation of your order. If you have already received your order, you can return them within the return period and make sure that the products are not damaged in any way.